Cute polymer clay snowman earrings tutorial

It's been such a long time since my last blog post that I thought this moment would never come! Many life changes and a very busy schedule kept me away from blogging, but finally I'm back and ready to share my little DIY projects with you again.

A pair of snowman earrings hanging from a flower pot and christmas light on the background.
The holiday season is approaching and this is the best moment to create some handmade gifts for our family and friends.

Two pairs of snowman earrings in different colors, one finished an done before baking.
Today I'm posting a tutorial showing how to make your own super-cute and easy snowman earrings (plus some more ideas). This is a very quick and low budget project: you will only need 3 or 4 colors of polymer clay, 2 fish hoop earrings and 2 jump rings for each pair and simple tools: a knife, a needle and pliers. Each pair of earrings requires a very small quantity of polymer clay. So if you buy a package for each color you can literally make dozens of them! If you have more than 3 colors feel free to improvise, mix and match so that each pair is unique.

Polymer clay packages and tools like pliers and knife

So let's start! This little project is so easy, that you will hardly need to follow my tutorial step-by-step. Yet I've included photos of the whole process to guide you if you have any trouble. The two things you'll need to have in mind during the process are: 1. the proportions (how big or small each part should be compared to the others) and 2. the order (which part to attach first to avoid difficulties later).

Photos showing the process for creating the earrings step-by-step

First, use the white color to make the head and body for each snowman. The head should be about half the size of the body, Take a small quantity and make some balls to test the size. You can always add or remove using a knife if your ball is too small or too big. Couldn't be easier, right?

You can already attach the heads to the bodies like I did or you can do this after you put the caps on the heads (this might be a bit easier).

Next, use the other 2 (or 3) colors to create all the components. For each snowman you will need 2 tiny buttons, 1 long scarf, a small beanie hat, a little pom-pom for the hat and a tiny long carrot-nose.

Use a needle to make a hole to the pom-poms. This is where the jump rings will be attached, so make  sure you pass the needle all the way through and back and forth a couple of times to ensure the hole is big enough.

Awesome! Now let's put everything together.

First attach the hats to the heads. You will need to press the ball you created on a hard surface or between your fingers to give it a flat round shape. Then press it on the top of the head and use your fingers to curve the ends and attach it all around. This is probably the only tricky part so when you're done with this the rest is a piece of cake!

Now is the time to attach the head to the body if you skipped this step earlier.

Take the long thread you created and turn it around your snowman's neck twice. Make sure to leave a small tail on each end and give it a curly shape to make it even cuter.

Next, take the tiny button balls and place them on the snowman's body. Press gently and you are done.

Same thing with the nose, only here you need to press the base carefully to avoid changing its shape. If pressing with your fingers is hard, use a thin tool (a needle or something with a round end) to attach the nose.

Last but not least, attach the pom-poms on the top of your snowman's hat. You can use the needle to do this, Make sure the holes look to the left and right (not front and back).

You are almost done! Create as many pairs as you wish and put them in the oven. The baking time and temperature may vary depending on the polymer clay brand. You'll need to check the instructions and follow the suggested baking process.

When you are done just use a pliers to open the jump rings. Pass them through the holes, attach the fish hook earrings and press to close the rings again.

This is so easy, quick and fun that you can experiment with different designs. I have created two more xmas inspired variations that I still need to put in the oven.

Snowman earrings and some more designs (xmas trees)

Ready to make yours? Feel free to comment and share with your friends! Good luck and happy holidays!